Choo Choo Explorer Port Douglas is a unique and  memorable experience.  Relax while cruising along the picturesque Port Douglas waterway, and be inspired by a deeper understanding of the ecology, landscape, history and culture of this iconic destination. 


Cruise at leisure, and in cool comfort onboard our custom catamaran vessel along the waters of Dickson Inlet.  Your trip on Choo Choo Explorer is a wonderful way to watch the world drift by while exploring the untouched nooks of this exotic location, all in supreme comfort!

Your river adventure is immersive and informative, guided by a friendly and professional local tour guide, who knows exactly where to spot our elusive and sometimes reclusive wildlife. With the amazing shallow draft of our jet-powered vessel, you can truly get up close and personal with the locals!


your vessel

Choo Choo Explorer is a quiet jet engine catamaran with comfortable seating onboard for 40 guests inshore river cruises and 12 guests for offshore reef charter adventure in comfort and luxury.   


your destination

Your destination is Choo Choos at St Crispins Station, a picturesque café located on the majestic Sheraton Grand golf course, travelling return to the Port Douglas' Crystalbrook Superyacht Marina.



While you relax in comfort and style, there is adventure to be had on the water-keep your eyes peeled for a myriad of tropical wildlife, from rare birds to fish to dolphins and sharks, to exotic flowering plants.